Finding Buster: Part Two

Continuing right along from the first part of the series, the time has come for another set of Buster Keaton bits and bobs that I’ve stumbled upon in my day-to-day life. In addition, today also marks Keaton’s 121st birthday, so what better way to celebrate than with a post all about Buster?

I visited the Hollywood Museum back in March, and may have startled my friends when I audibly gasped (as you do) upon seeing these two images among the vast wall of framed photographs and lobby cards. I found three more publicity stills (two for The Cameraman and one for The Navigator) on the third floor, but they were partially blocked by the surrounding equipment to get a good photo. Insert: sad face.

The Silent Movie Theatre (owned by The Cinefamily) pays homage to great silent film legends by displaying large portraits of them on both sides of the tiny theater. When it was finally time for me to catch another screening here, I was once again graced by the same image of Buster… which I may have stared at a little too long before the movie started.

I sat down in front of my TV to watch Blue Skies (1946) sometime over the summer, and I’d barely settled into the narrative when something quickly caught my eye. The restaurant featured in the beginning shows a mural filled with caricatures of famous silent film stars, including Buster’s!


While my friend was visiting last month, we stopped by the Craftsman Village mural in Long Beach (7th & Orange), where a vibrant illustration of Buster is displayed—an homage to his early days with Roscoe Arbuckle and the Comique Film Company, who filmed within the area at Balboa Studios.

The following day, we headed out to Amoeba Music, where I was on the hunt for a particular soundtrack record. Amidst my search, however, I came across the divider for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (1966), with only one record in its place. After picking it out from the bin, I was delighted to find two tiny Busters gracing both sides of the album sleeve. Naturally, I bought it.

2 thoughts on “Finding Buster: Part Two

  1. VERY COOL!!! It never crossed my mind to document Keaton sightings … or sightings of any of my other obsessions (Beatles, Kurosawa, Hitchcock). I just might start following your example, Nicole.

    Cool post 🙂


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