BK 100

Now that the word is finally out through social media, I’d like to make a post here regarding the great event of 2017: Buster Keaton’s centennial, otherwise known as BK100. As part of the International Buster Keaton Society, BK100 will act as a central hub for all things Keaton-related happening throughout the year. There’s lots in store, and major planning is already underway, so feel free to check out the official website here for more information and updates!

On a personal note, I am so positively jazzed to be a part of this event, and I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I jumped on the volunteer wagon. This whole project is everything I could dream of doing as both a film history student and Buster Keaton admirer. As an illustrator, I’m also very grateful for the opportunity in putting together designs for the official logo.

My current task for BK100 is to try and get venues from around the globe to screen Buster’s films. This includes film festivals and related events, as well. So far, I’ve been contacting a handful of festivals (as they would need to release their full schedules soon), and will be moving on to contacting individual theaters that screen classic or silent cinema on some kind of a regular basis. I already have a list compiled, but am itching to add more. So, if you know of a theater and would love to see Buster screened in your town or on your next trip, please feel free to let me know (either through the comments, social media, or by email), and I will do my absolute darndest to make sure that it happens in 2017!

4 thoughts on “BK 100

  1. Great designs, Nicole.

    You know, I served as Outreach Coordinator for the International Buster Keaton Society for a couple of years, and I’m sure I still have lists of contact information that you could use in spreading the word about Keaton screenings. I even have a box full of Keaton Society postcards that I would send to venues holding screenings. If you’d like them, I’ d be happy to send them to you.


    • Thank you!

      Oh wow, that’s fantastic! Thank you so much. I’m still working my way through the contact list, but once I’ve completed that step, I’ll double check on promotional items and see if we can utilize the postcards. I’ll keep in touch!

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  2. There’s a theater in Indiana that my mom and I go to all the time because all they show are classics. They usually release their new year-long schedules in March, so they’re probably figuring out what movies to screen right now. Here’s the link to their website, and they’re also on Facebook:

    They’re really nice people and they’ve shown silents before, but I can’t recall them showing Buster Keaton. Hopefully you can encourage them to change that! :)

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