Buster Keaton: In the Works

Last summer, I’d vaguely hinted that I was working on a big project relating to Buster Keaton. It took me about a year to compile my research and visual notes, but after that, life got in the way. For a while, I felt pretty lost over where and how to actually begin the bulk of this project, and felt an additional sense of intimidation as this is my first crack at drawing in a format I’m not used to. However, when Lea announced her annual Buster Keaton blogathon, I thought it posed as the perfect opportunity to just get started on the thing, and now I can officially say I’m working on my own version of a Buster Keaton graphic novel.

I only have two pages to offer you, but it was the most I could do as of recent. I didn’t really have a clear idea of what I wanted to present until about a few weeks ago, and it’s been a mad dash trying to get these pages completed on time. Nevertheless, I’m quite pleased with how they turned out given the circumstances, and I hope you all enjoy this snippet from my book project! There’s a great deal more to come.

This is my contribution to The Third Annual Buster Keaton Blogathon hosted by Silent-ology. For a complete roster of entries, click here.

25 thoughts on “Buster Keaton: In the Works

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  2. This looks like SUCH great project, thank you so much for contributing! Beautiful artwork, it has that very clean, blend-of-old-and-new look. I can already picture your graphic novel in the Buster Stuff online store. ;-)

    If Silent-ology’s blogathon was the little “nudge” you needed to work on the project, then I’m proud to have been of service. :-D I can relate, by the way–back when I was toying with the idea of starting a silent film blog it was the “Chaplin entering films” centennial that was the nudge I needed. It was too good an opportunity to pass up.

    That last frame with all the titles of his films is my favorite by the way, unique and very cool!


    • Oh gosh, thank you! You’re too sweet. I’m delighted to finally share a snippet with you all!

      And hey, how serendipitous! I’m glad Chaplin’s centennial was your nudge into blogging. ;)

      It’s funny, I almost went with another design for that panel, but I wasn’t really feeling it and decided to go with something simpler. I’m so pleased you like it!

      Thanks so much for hosting yet another fun blogathon!


  3. This is a fabulous project! You’ve done an amazing job already and I hope that you will keep readers updated as you go along on this project. I will definitely be one of the first in line to purchase a copy.


  4. This is just so wonderful! You are an amazing artist and has a lot of imagination! I wish you the best of luck in this project.
    Thanks for the kind comment!


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