Mid-century Modern in Help!

The home is often an important element in film and TV, as it can be a visual extension of one’s personality. But what do you do when you have four personalities to deal with?

There are so many cinematic interiors that I would love to model my future home after, but the Beatles’ shared flat in Help! (1965) is by far one of the most memorable to me. The above shot shows all four Beatles pulling up to what appears to be their respective homes on 5, 7, 9, and 11 Ailsa Avenue in Twickenham. However, there’s a twist: the interiors converge into an extensive living area shared amongst the group, and because it’s 1960s London, the decor is positively mid-century modern. You will also find that each room is color-coded for a specific Beatle: green for George, white for Paul, brown for John, and blue for Ringo. Since their first film was shot in black-and-white, the considerable use of various monochromatic colors is by no means spared here.

George’s room appears quite homey and includes a brass bed, wrought iron patio furniture, framed artwork, a sideboard, assorted knickknacks, and let’s not forget that grass rug! It even has a gardener who keeps it maintained through the use of wind-up chattering teeth.

Paul’s side of the house, despite having all-white furniture, is seemingly spotless. It boasts an electronic organ that rises up from underneath the floor, and is situated beneath a sleek Arco floor lamp. That’s definitely one way to save space as a musician.

John’s room features the ultra-cool sunken bed, a set of matching black furniture, and a revolving bookcase containing copies of his recently-released book A Spaniard in the Works.

Ringo’s space contains a Jacobsen egg chair and various in-house vending machines for drinks, snacks, and—oh, you know—the occasional heap of oranges needed to fight off cult members who keep breaking into your house and insist on sacrificing you.

This is my contribution to The Favorite Film and TV Homes Blogathon, hosted by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies and Love Letters to Old Hollywood. Be sure to check out more fantastic homes here.

12 thoughts on “Mid-century Modern in Help!

    • Thank you for reading! It was nice to pull this out from the shelf again and give it a watch. I never even considered the set design costs—it would make for an interesting comparison!


  1. I can’t believe I call myself a Beatles fan and I still haven’t seen Help! Still, these rooms are amazing. I love how different and completely 1960’s they all are. Thanks so much for bringing Paul, Ringo, George, and John to the blogathon!


    • I hear ya! After all this time, I still haven’t watched Magical Mystery Tour… despite having it on DVD… (I’m awful)

      Thank you so much for hosting!


  2. Wow, that’s amazing decoration! I’ve only seen A Hard day’s Night, but I can’t wait to watch Help! and draw inspiration for my bedroom decor!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this movie so much. I could quote it endlessly. I’m definitely envious of John’s bed.

    Thanks for picking such a fun space for the Blogathon :)


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