Finding Buster: Part Three

When I first started this series, I didn’t expect to continue past the first post, but here we are at the third installment! Southern California never fails to surprise me in the realm of Keaton sightings, and here are the few I’ve spotted so far this year.

I still can’t believe how long it took me to notice this one. A local metro line has these monuments decorated with silhouettes along the block, and I drove by a particular one earlier this year. I did a sudden double-take, but it was too late to get a better look. Did I really see an image of Buster Keaton, or was that just my crazy imagination? Well, it turns out I really did see a Keaton stencil. It all makes sense too, since his ranch home is located not too far from that spot. I also love how he is nestled between a movie camera and a locomotive—very fitting, I must say! And if the distinct features weren’t enough, you can also find a little “K” on Buster’s hat to erase any doubts.

When my best pal came to visit over spring break, we stopped by Mel’s Diner for lunch. We picked a spot overlooking Sunset Boulevard on one side, and a large poster of Buster Keaton on the other. At some point, we got to wondering the circumstances of that photo, but it still remains a mystery to us.

Two years ago, I saw a photo of the Buster Keaton statue by Jeff Koons, and went on a quest to find out where it might be located. I wasn’t able to come across anything for a while—that is, until recently. To my pleasant surprise, it happens to be just a stone’s throw away at The Broad! I made my reservations for July, and crossed my fingers it would still be there. As I turned the corner from an adjacent gallery, my eyes instantly fell upon the statue, and I lit up completely. Buster (dressed in his Our Hospitality garb) appears almost life-size, and his little friends are equally as adorable.

My pal flew over for another visit just last week, and this time, we stopped by the Trader Joe’s near Hollywood and Vine. Upon walking in, we instantly noticed this mural of Buster overlooking the bread aisle. The rest of the store is decorated with a lovely homage to Old Hollywood, complete with food puns to give it a grocer’s flair.

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