Casablanca Restaurant

You would think that I’d find more time to write during the summer, but this past semester (plus an additional summer course) really kicked my butt. After turning in essay after essay, I needed a short break from writing. That, and I also landed my dream internship, which is happily taking up some of my time—but more on that later. For this post, I wanted to share a fun location that I recently visited for my birthday this past week. It’s the Casablanca Restaurant in Venice Beach, and yes, it’s entirely devoted to the famed 1942 film.

The restaurant, which serves traditional Mexican cuisine, is decorated with a Moroccan theme that pays tribute to Rick’s Café Américain. The exterior is painted blue and white, and the interior is filled to the brim with Casablanca memorabilia, including (but not limited to) posters, photographs, antiques, and assorted knickknacks.

We had a late lunch, so there weren’t as many people. That allowed us to wander around the small restaurant and take a closer look at all the items. There are beautifully-painted and vibrant murals that feature characters and scenes from the film, illuminated under equally-colorful Tiffany lamps that add an extra cozy layer to the ambiance.

If you need to use the restroom, you’ll find that Ingrid Bergman’s name is painted on the door to the ladies’ room, and Humphrey Bogart’s name on the door to the mens’ room. Lobby cards and behind-the-scenes photographs fill the walls of the hallway leading up to the restrooms, and even more can be found behind the door—well, at least to the ladies’ room. There’s even a cute old radio perched high on the wall, which you can see a few photos above.

This place is a treasure trove for the classic movie fan, and it apparently holds the largest collection of Casablanca memorabilia. When you walk in, it’s plain to see. With all the eye-catching stuff and yummy food, it’s almost impossible to leave.

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