Funny Face

♫ “I love your funny face / Your sunny, funny face…” ♫

Last Sunday, Fred Astaire’s melodic voice was playing on a loop in my head as I returned to The Cinefamily for one last matinee of the summer. Classes would be resuming the following day for me, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see their screening of Funny Face (1957)—one of my favorite films. I don’t even care how cheesy it can be, I will always love it. The film starts off their newly-themed series, “Paris Belongs to Us”—featuring classic movie musicals that take place in the effervescent city of Paris.

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Roman Holiday

To celebrate the 100th birthday of Gregory Peck this month, I attended a screening hosted by American Cinematheque for their Standing Tall double-feature series. While I would have loved to see more of Peck’s films on the big screen, there was one that I just couldn’t bear to miss. Not again, anyway.

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