Three Ages

Three Buster Keaton screenings in one month: I’m not sure if my town is being overly generous or trying to distract me from finishing up the semester strong. Either way, like a moth to a flame, merrily will I go see Buster’s lovely face projected onto a screen.

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Funny Face

♫ “I love your funny face / Your sunny, funny face…” ♫

Last Sunday, Fred Astaire’s melodic voice was playing on a loop in my head as I returned to The Cinefamily for one last matinee of the summer. Classes would be resuming the following day for me, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see their screening of Funny Face (1957)—one of my favorite films. I don’t even care how cheesy it can be, I will always love it. The film starts off their newly-themed series, “Paris Belongs to Us”—featuring classic movie musicals that take place in the effervescent city of Paris.

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Hard to Handle

The weather was some kind of wonderful this past Sunday afternoon. Granted, it was hot. So while I partly retreated inside the historic Silent Movie Theatre for some shade, I was merely there to catch a glimpse of “The Seven Deadly Sins of Pre-Code” series put on by The Cinefamily. Already having shown a particular pre-code for greed, pride, envy, lust, and wrath within the previous weeks, gluttony was next on the list. The film that was picked in correlation was Hard to Handle (1933), which stars James Cagney, Mary Brian, and Ruth Donnelly.

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